Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Illumination Sashiki (佐敷町)

This year, I went to Sashiki (佐敷町) located in the south east part of Okinawa in Nanjo city for their local illumination.

I first learned about this illumination display from one of my students and decided to check it out with my wife last weekend. It was a little difficult to find at first. But as soon as it was dark, it was easy to spot from the main road from route 331up on the hill. It is located about 8 minutes down the road on the right from Baten Elementary School on route 137. There was a small arrow made from lights pointing where to turn. There wasn't any parking that I could find. There was a small road that everyone parked on next to the place. 

The lights are decorating a set a steps going up the hill. It took between 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the bottom to the top.

 Along the way, there is a area where you can take pictures with some displays. It's not a large display but it does remind me of going to the neighborhoods to view Christmas decorations when i was young.
Plus it's free. Me and my wife enjoyed it very much.


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